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WARNING: This is an Opinion article made after looking to publicly accessible data and taking my own conclusions.

¡Hey Sandboxers!

This is my first article in english and It’s about how of a dumbass I have been believing in Escobar Inc and their foldable phones…Yes, you might be laughing to this complete stranger being scammed by the drug lord’s brother and its partners.

Now, I am waiting to the bank to get my money back… Meanwhile I will dig into the company of Pablo Escobar’s Brother and its partner Olof Gustafsson… No, don’t worry the snowy friend of Anna of Arendell has not become rogue… It’s just a name similarity.

So take this as a due diligence that was meant to be done before and now it is done… A bit to late but revealing a lot of an “International Company established in 1984”.


Exterior of the Escobar Inc Offices in Puerto Rico. Property of Regus

Exterior of the offices of Escobar Inc in Puerto Rico. Property of Regus

According to Escobar Inc’s Website the company was founded to take care of the Escobar Family brand and Pablo Escobar’s Brand and the escobar legacy.

Image of nh Collection Medellin

Offices inside the hotel? Kim dotcom did it too.

They claim to have reincorporated the company in 2014 but… there’s no official “re-incorporation” information publicly available until 2015 and Claims to Netflix in 2016 to restore his and his brothers reputation and… of course he was asking for money!

Also, they had a brawl with Elon Musk about the “Not-a-flamethrower” Oh, and they tried to sell meet and greet with Roberto Escobar with a price range of price between 101.000 U$D to 808.000 U$D.

Escobar Inc has Offices in a REGUS building in Puerto Rico and at Medellin’s NH Colection It won’t be the first Empire to be run in a hotel, remember the home office of Megaupload’s Boss Kim Dotcom in HK but his operation was more legit as a data transfer service at this point.

Escobar fold 1At the end of 2019, when people had started to forget everything they shouted form nowhere WE WILL DELIVER A 100.000 Pablo Escobar BRANDED PHONES STARTING FROM 349 U$D! 

If the gamble of Escobar Inc pays off, the total amount paid in less than a year would be between 34.9 and 49.9 million U$D a hefty cashline for other Escobar branded operations.

Everyone was surprised when it was announced and after a few thoughts myself and many other suckers paid for a Custom Royole Flexpai around 349U$D and 499 if you were into more ram and capacity.

Who do I say it is a custom Royole Flexpai? Because it is the same with the same accessories in the box only golden colored with the Escobar letters and a 3 to 4 working day delivery date.

Oh! Also, it might have to be that Escobar Inc copied and pasted the specs out of even the outline of the information it is the same!

Specs of the Escobar Fold suspiciously equal to…

the Specs of the Royole Flexpai.

When I said 3 to 4 days I say…
I am not the only one that asked when it was going to be delivered as I did not had any signs of activity after payment and the confirmation email. I was notified about the device being in Hong Kong and it would take from 4 to 8 weeks to be delivered…

When I said 4 to 8 weeks I say…
In January when asked again, and they said the devices are being batch produced as we speak and I would receive it at the end of January 2020.

A package arrives to my PO Box… but instead of the Smartphone… IT WAS A FREAKING BOOK! ¿Where is the smartphone? Oh! The book has a small paper… Hooray! You have been upgraded to the Escobar Fold 2! Nothing suspicious there… isn’t it? When I asked about they answered… Hooray! You have been upgraded to the Escobar Fold 2! And when I asked them for delivery date… I get answered… Hooray! You have been upgraded to the Escobar Fold 2!

The reason for the change of device was the delay on fabrication time that is taking to Escobar Inc’s supplier to produce the devices, and they prefer to give another phone… A better phone… Until further confirmation was a clone of the Samsung Galaxy fold for 399U$D for 128 GB of storage.

According to the letter attached on their FOLD2 packaging received by the lucky few (Which in the case of the Fold 1 it was Scandinavian Hype, the brother of the drug lord and it’s Company CEO Olof Gustafsson a picture on twitter and a video of a totally stranger on Youtube) it clearly says this is A SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD!

Then all the alarms went off! If Samsung has no 128 GB version how they can sell Samsung Galaxy folds of this capacity ¿haven’t they checked that the Galaxy fold is only selling a 512 GB version before running to say their phone specs?¿how it can be I have been scammed this bad? When confronted and asking for more information they asked… ¿Could you send proof of purchase? And when answered with the proof of it and proof of communications before they said… Hooray! You have been upgraded to the Escobar Fold 2!

Also, other people have been digging out ant they have found out that the devices received by the lucky few are second hand or used devices paid mostly in cash. That information is publicly available on twitter, and I am not responsible for it.

There was when I claimed to my bank, and they to Mastercard to bring me back the money.

Nor even the banks want to work with Escobar Inc.

The first scam scream was actually from Klarna Bank in Sweden, the banking company sent a letter to the legal team of Olof Gustafsson (CEO of Escobar Inc) announcing they will cease their services with Escobar Inc. Soon after their second card payments processor Stripe payments also ceased them and to end it all CCBILL, their third card processing company has frozen all the transactions and it’s returning the money to its rightful owners after finishing also their contract… Man! At this point, I believe nor even the coronavirus will work with them.

Apartment building where Affinder AB’s Office is located and residence of Gustav Gustafsson.

AFFIDEER AB, Olof’s Hidden treasure.
Now it’s when I dig on the company behind the Escobar Inc’s operation, the mysterious Affideer AB. 

One interesting fact about this company constituted on the city of birth of mr Gustafsson… It is directed and controlled by the Gustafsson Family! In fact the business is managed in a rental propery where Gustav Ingvar Gustafsson resides.

They are in charge of managing mr Escobar Inc’s website and sale management of the Escobar goods.

Moreover, as commented before and thanks to Swedish media, the letter of Klarna Bank ceasing services was sent to Olof’s legal team. This shows a potential conflict of interests as the CEO of Escobar Inc and Affideer AB. ¿Has the CEO disclosed the information with his Board partners?


Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria and Escobar Inc executives Olof K. Gustafsson and Daniel D. Reitberg (PRNewsfoto/Escobar Inc.) 2017

Robert De Jesus Escobar Gaviria and Escobar Inc executives Olof K. Gustafsson and Daniel D. Reitberg (PRNewsfoto/EscobarInc.) 2017

Until November 2019, Olof and Escobar’s Brother had a 3rd member on the board Mr Daniel D Reitberg who at that pound leave the board and its position as a Chief Operating Officer, President, Secretary and Treasurer of the company. He was until that point the visible face for the media of Escobar Inc alongside the drug lord’s brother.

Also, it’s curious that it’s business partner now resides in Dubai and Olof and Daniel were Partners before joining forces with the Colombian kingpin in ventures like Adenheim Inc.

Alongside Escobar and Gustafsson he was part of the ICO and creation of Diet Bitcoin, Escobar Inc’s own cryptocurrency. Today this “coin” is not available and are not currently listed on the websites where were once said to be listed by Diet Bitcoin’s twitter account. 

Another curious fact is that until October 2019 Escobar Inc has operated its website and had no store until the 31st of October of 2019 when the first capture of the page shows a store still managed by Escobar Inc and after leaving Mr Reitberg, Affideer AB takes over the control of Escobar Inc website operations. ¿Did he because he saw the conflict of interest?¿Was he tired of dealing with his long old business partner?

The brother of Pablo Escobar is also the sole owner with a share worth the 0.01% of Pablo Phone Ltd. a company on the Soho Square of London (Residing on a pricey property of REGUS again) and with the purpose of buying, selling and distributing the Escobar Phones. ¿Who could have landed such a lucrative business? ¿A big box retailer? ¿A phone network? What a surprise! Escobar Inc operated by Affideer AB has got the contract! It has obviously nothing to do with Roberto Escobar being the CBO! (No, I am not messing with a Drug lord’s brother, it’s not the name of the burger, he is the Chief Brand Officer according to the legal documents in Puerto Rico. How you dare to think such a thing about me!) 

After pulling the red ropes and checking the names and movements of Escobar Inc, Affideer and Pablo Phone the situation it looks like so: 

Corporate Structure of how Escobar Inc is dealing with the Escobar Phones situation and companies involved

You can share this infographic but remember to tag us on the social media @ProjectSandBX.

Since the creation of Escobar Inc in 2015, Affideer AB has had net sales of 2.1 Milion SEK (more than 222k U$D or 198k Euro) and since then the net sales figures have been dropping until 1.2 million SEK (more than 127k U$D or 113k Euro) ¿Shouldn’t they have had to pay royalties already for the sales made to Escobar Inc and/or to Pablo Phone Ltd too?

Since it’s Reincorporation in 2015 with a capital of 100.000U$D, Escobar Inc has not seen any profitability or return on investment. According to their own government filings publicly available Escobar In has no Capital, No assets, buildings or Cash nor even the 100.000U$D 

¿How they can afford the premiums of an office in REGUS Puerto Rico and in the NH Collection Hotel in Medellin without having a dime to their name? ¿Who pays and maintains the Escobar Inc’s domain and¿Wouldn’t they have to be receiving the royalties of sales made in Affideer AB’s operation?¿Why they haven’t filled yet the 2019 balance sheet and relevant information the Puerto Rican Government?

PABLO PHONE Ltd.’s numbers and reality of the operation.
Pablophone has only reached a value of shares sold of 0.01GBP of a total of 1GBP… ¿How Pablo Phone Ltd can afford to have an office In the REGUS Soho Square in london with only 1 GBP in the books? ¿How I can achieve those deals with REGUS too?¿Shouldn’t Pablo Phone Ltd have already received the royalties of the amazingly sold out fold1 from Escobar Inc and/or Affideer AB? 

When more information is being discovered, more questions coming afloat. ¿Will at the end like all the other enterprises of Mr Gustafsson? 

UPDATE since publication: 
Thanks to @relationsatwork at twitter we can now say that all the payments made by wire transfer paid are “processed” to a company called BH CASH INC whom the owner is non other than Olof Gustafsson.

The Registered person of BH Bank Incorporated is non other than... Olof Gustafsson.

The Registered person of BH Bank Incorporated is non other than… Olof Gustafsson.

And Escobar Inc through Affinder AB is asking to have the money sent to Mr Gustafsson Itself.


And before BH CASH INC was the money “processor” of this operation for a really brief moment Affideer AB was allowed to process the money of Escobar Inc before that… REICHSTE Inc, another company of Mr Gustafsson dissolved in 2017 was being sent the money… in 2019/2020.

So now the situation is updated to something like this!

The last drawing of the picture shows how Olof Gustafsson is allegedly diverting the money of the Escobar Inc Operation to a 3rd Party company.

The last drawing of the picture shows how Olof Gustafsson is allegedly diverting the money of the Escobar Inc Operation to 3rd Party companies like REICHSTE (dissolved in 2017 but asking for money in 2020 and BH Cash Inc also for the wire funds to be transfered) both property of Olof Gustafsson

Also the incorporators of BH Cash Inc have been the lovely people at Sun Document Filings and the person to register on behalf of mr Olof Gustafsson was Kylene Sysler more info about the company who has filed this company up at:

All the information used for this article it is public information available through the Wayback Machine, the Company House UK registry, The Registry of Corporations and Entities of the State Dept. of Puerto Rico and Allabolag in Sweden, googling a bit and also checking twitter and other social media.

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